Return Policy

Thì Lune Mall wants to provide the best online shopping experiencetherefore to provide customers with "7 days returned goods guarantee"(From receipt date to calculate). Customer can contact us within 7 days after receiving the product if he/she found problems about the products and needed to be changed.

  1. Customers must apply by e-mail within 7 days after receipt.
  2. To return items, customers <including local and overseas customers> must pay postage on replacement goods.
  3. Together with the related gifts to be returned upon return.
  4. Gifts do not accept returns apply.
  5. If the customer within 7 working days did not make any application for return items, the transaction represents the goods purchased, the Company without liability on any legal, and there will not be any return items matters.
  6. As the numbers of orders for goods or goods you received are not, you please within 7 days notify us by e-mail, we will have someone to verify the order content. This is to identify Thì Lune Mall the error caused, we will arrange for a free replacement or replacement Goods, and the resulting extra shipping costs also increased from the Company's commitment.
  7. Once open or use the commodity, not accept returned.
  8. Thì Lune Mall the photos are for reference only goods, goods volume and color of the goods are received prevails.
  9. No refund when the return shipping costs.
  10. If any dispute, Thì Lune Mall the final decision shall retain the exclusive meetings.        

Customer within 7 days after receiving the product, such as the product is found any When a problem and need to be returned, please Us By email [email protected] submit application.